Leather Lee

About Us . . . .

Created in 1987 by Leather Lee and originally known as Sziber Corp,Leathrworks name has undergone changes, but our reputation of quality products has never changed. Every product has been quailty tested for duribility and pleasurability. We strive to develop new and unique products because we understand the needs of our clients. We not only create the products, but we use them! Here's how it started...

Being in the BDSM lifestyle for 26 years, I became tired of going into adult book stores and buying cheaply made floggers and whips that would fall apart after very little use. I decided to make my own creations for personal use. After a number of people saw and used my floggers, I was continually asked to create them and the business was born.

Being arthritic in the wrists, it became apparent that I could no longer use the conventional handles for prolonged periods of time. Swivel handles allow the flogger tails to do the work, rather than the wrist. The swivel handles also allow the versatility of changing tails easily and often for different sensations. Tails of different weights and materials can be interchanged with the handle of choice, giving you a full range of stimulation and fun.

With time, our product line has grown to include jewelry and assorted knives, swords, and fantasy blades. We also make custom creations, offering a variety of styles, materials, and color selection. Custom orders are welcome as we strive to create the most unique and unusual products available.

Leather Lee

Our Guarantee to You
We guarantee all product hardware on our floggers for one year against missuse and abuse. This includes handles, caps,bearings, studs, clips and Lanyards. Does not include normal wear and tear of the leather itself. Items are sold as novelty only.